Just a big thanks to your team for putting on such a great event.  Initially I thought we had a dud location because we at the quiet end and in the shade, but it really worked well for the chocolate to avoid the sun, and because it wasn’t so congested people were more inclined to stop and have a chat, sample, etc. And, we sold out by 3pm.  Not bad going.  

The vibe at market was excellent.  A nice crowd. Keen to not only try and buy, but also seemed to genuinely want to know more about the various traders on the street. 

Jen Hedley
Jen Hedley Marketing Manager Divine Chocolate Ltd

Just wanted to say you are welcome and a big thanks to you and everyone else who helped organise the event.

We had a great time as always and everyone from KALMARs enjoyed themselves.



Sebastian Kalmar
Sebastian KalmarKALMARs Residential

This is the fifth time I’ve had a stall, and it was the best.  The atmosphere was really good and the stall was better attended.  It was fun and very fruitful for my business, so thank you!



We had an enjoyable time and made many new contacts for the CGP London galleries and hopefully recruited some new members for the Bermondsey Artists’ Group.

CGP London
CGP London

Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to have a fund raising stall.

We raised just over £155.00 on our tombola.

We also had the opportunity to speak to many people and who seemed very interested and  explain what Southwark Helping Hands does for adults with learning disabilities.


IlonaSouthwark Helping Hands

thank you so much for inviting me! It was great, business was fantastic for me, and i assume for everybody, really! I loved the music, and i think the stalls were eclectic and interesting! I ended up buying a vintage scarf. I would definitely come again! i think good bands are a recipe for success.

Hope to see you next year!




Emilia Silvas
Emilia SilvasReturn to Shashamane

It was one of the best street festivals we have ever done and we thought it was very well organised.

We did not miss bunting or balloons at all, it was great.

We were delighted with our sales, enjoyed the music and thought the dog show was lovely.

Alex and Eveline
Alex and Eveline Bantam Knits


Nicola and I had a great day on Saturday, made lots of sales and telly enjoyed the lively, community atmosphere. We were both saying that we’d love to do it again/



I have so enjoyed being part of this festival as it is so well organised and just great! 





Charlotte Kessler Lemonstone Art
Charlotte Kessler Lemonstone Art

The Bermondsey Street Festival is a not for profit free community festival run entirely by volunteers from the community for the community.

With Festival our aim is to bring together all the people from all parts of our diverse community and communally enjoy a rich and wide variety of experiences that truly reflect our area while ensuring tastes and experiences normally beyond reach are available to all.

Key to our objectives here is to develop the community understanding and tolerance of people from different backgrounds and we work closely with the high end restaurants of Bermondsey Street and of The Shard to bring new cuisine experiences to many while dogs as diverse as the community they represent ferociously compete in our acclaimed Dog Show.

Festival aims to be fully inclusive of Bermondsey Street and beyond. While Bermondsey Street is at the heart of the event, we work closely with other local groups, such as Leathermarket JMB, with the unveiling of The Shared during Festival 2014. Other Groups include Bermondsey Street Area Partnership, Quay Players and Team London Bridge.

We cover an area in the North from Borough to Rotherhithe and south from Elephant and Castle to South Bermondsey.

We are very committed to building on the work of the many local groups and involving them in our community project.

We aim to provide pathways to developing leisure pursuits and fostering talents, such as our relationship with Bermondsey Voices.

Bermondsey Voices performing @BermondsStFest on Saturday. We had such a ball!

Posted by Bermondsey Voices on Tuesday, 23 September 2014

We aim to provide charities and clubs and societies with a wider public profile to attract
new volunteers, participants and sponsorship.

Bermondsey Voices

The choir is going really well.  It’s been a year already and we’ve grown to 35 members now, which it beyond all expectation!

Performing at the BSF last year was a fantastic opportunity for the group.  Many of them had, until that point, never sung in public before, and had joined our choir as a way of making new friends, and building confidence.

Bermondsey Voices

Bermondsey Voices

Performing on a stage, with microphones, a professional sound PA setup, as well as an eager audience, was the ultimate reward for the hard work they had put in to their ‘hobby’.  The feedback I had after our performance was that it had been an absolutely exhilarating experience.  Our rehearsal process saw strong bonds form between people who had known each other, in some cases, for less than a month, and being able to share the experience of singing on stage with each other has created a lasting memory which is still talked about”

To provide an outlet for artists to show their talents and enjoy the appreciation
0f large audiences

One more from Bermondsey Street Festival. Thanks Chiara for taking the video.

Posted by Sean Vickery on Sunday, 4 October 2015

Place of residence
? Bermondsey Street Festival – 96% live in the UK
? Bermondsey Street Festival 0 – 10% were visiting from elsewhere in the UK or from overseas
? Bermondsey Street Festival – 79% of Visitors to London said yes their visit was part of a stay away from home
Connections to the area
? Bermondsey Street Festival – 19% of respondents work in the area.
? Bermondsey Street Festival – 53% live in the area, 29% from another part of London, 5% from elsewhere in the UK and 5% from overseas.
? Bermondsey Street Festival – 86% of visitors had visited London before
? Bermondsey Street Festival – 58% of respondents at Bermondsey Street Festival had visited the area before. And more specifically 70% of respondents had visited the Bermondsey Street Festival last year.

? Bermondsey Street Festival – 34% male, 66% female
? Bermondsey Street Festival –11% 16-24, 37% 25-34, 39% 35-54 and 13% 55+
? Bermondsey Street Festival – 53% White British, 25% White Other, 7% Asian/Asian British, 5% Black/Black British
? Bermondsey Street Festival – 84% visiting with other people
? Bermondsey Street Festival – 26% groups included Under 16s, with average group size 1 2.6 (average group size with Over 16s 2.2)

Overall, the area is offering a high quality experience to a broadly culturally engaged audience of workers, visitors and residents. Respondents were younger and relatively more diverse than average (for the population and visitors in general) and the majority had been to the area previously. Each activity has good dwell times and spend, awareness of the wider offer is high, and respondents in the main were keen to repeat a visit or recommend it. Not only did respondents recognise the cultural offer in the areas, the particular cultural events were also definitely attracting purposeful visits. There was also a good level of use of information sources in advance for these events and the area as a whole.