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The Bermondsey Street Festival Dog Show

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”The original idea was everyone in the street would play a part – so the ressies do delicious food stalls, the designers do a marvellous fashion show… and Holly&Lil do a great dog show.  The place would come alive with Maypoles, (who would forget Zandra Rhodes dancing round with the Kiddies – such fun!) and bands and stalls and music and laughter!”

“There is nothing serious about the day and each class is really just judges on who the judges like the look of most.  A village dog show… not Crufts.  And we rely on a huge crew of volunteers.”

Holly&Lil’s leather dog collars are designer originals, hand-made in London, England. Our aim is to create fabulous looking dog & cat collars that are of exceptional quality and extremely durable! Do come and meet Hollys pack at our shop at 103 Bermondsey St, London SE1, near London and Tower Bridges. All your dogs are welcome! TimeOut voted them in to their Top 100 Shops in London this year – Hooray!!!

Read The Holly & Lil blog history of involvement with festival on their blog Here, Here, Over There and underneath that bone.

The Best Bermondsey Pooches are back for a further year.

We are pleased to welcome back Holly & Lil as sponsors of the Bermondsey Street Festival Dog Show. best known throughout the land for unique, leather dog collars that are designer originals, handmade in London, they have the best dog grooming parlour for miles around.

At Holly&Lil – The Groomers the team aim to provide a first class service but do not pander to fads . The dogs always come first. They will not paint your pooches nails or colour their hair, though a squirt of sweet smelling Spritzer is never out of place. They will ensure the best products and equipment are used and have super qualified stylists giving seriously great haircuts and treatments that will enhance each dogs individual character.

What better way for your dog to experience  a groom, the Dog show winning prize this year will be a Groom at Holly&Lil -The Groomers. We are at lengths to point out that while dogs that look like their owners often feature at Festival, owners that look like their dogs are not entitled to the prize.

Competition Categories for 2017 !

• The Lily Class – Best Pedigree Gal
• The Eddie Class – Best Pedigree Boy
• The Holly Class – Best MashUp – Boy or Gal
• The Gus Class – Anything Goes
• Best in Show

Where to Find Holly & Lil.

Holly&Lil Shop,

103 Bermondsey Street,


0203 287 3024

Holly&Lil – The Groomers

90 Tower Bridge Road


0203 287 3024