Parking and Road Closures for Participants, Local Residents & Business.

Festival takes place on a public street, which is closed to all road traffic other than Emergency services for the duration of festival.  This closure often extends to the nearest major road so as to avoid vehicles attempting to gain access to closed roads. The closure between the full closure and the major road is termed a soft closure.

All Parking bays on closed roads, which include Bermondsey Street and short lengths of Morocco Street, Leathermarket Street, Tanner Street and Whites Grounds will be suspended by Southwark Parking Services and that suspension enforced by a PCN and vehicle relocation from 08.00 on Festival morning, September 19th 2015, Please ensure that if you use these bays that your vehicle is removed prior to this time ideally the night before.

Festival will flyer all vehicles in bays to be suspended for the two weeks preceding Festival as a reminder.

If you have a business that is serviced by deliveries, refuse collections or relies on the Taxi Trade then alternate arrangements must be made for the September 19th 2015 as those vehicles will not be permitted within the road closure.

In order to ensure maximum publicity to the road closures, there will be signage around the area in the days leading up to Festival, and a fully signed diversion will be in place.

To ensure we balance minimum inconvenience to residents and business, and maximum safety to all at Festival, roads will be opened by a staggered programme, with full opening at 23.00.

If you have a stall at Festival, we have agreed with Southwark Parking Services that a 2015 Festival Parking Permit will enable you to park a vehicle during Festival on some roads within the soft closures, and this will be confirmed with you prior to the event.

If you do not have a Permit, and park, in contravention, on closed roads within the soft closure, you will pose a risk to Festival participants and Southwark Parking Services will attend to issue a PCN and arrange subsequent relocation of your vehicle.

Residents of Whites Grounds who park within the Estate will be unaffected. Residents of Tyers Gate will have special arrangements for parking if they wish to use their vehicle between 08.00 and 23.00 on the 19th September 2015. Festival security will arrange marshalled access and egress from 08.00 to 10.00 on the day via Tyers Gate, and is envisaged that access via Whites Grounds will be restored as soon as possible after Festival Closure.

Residents of Tyers Gate will receive details of their arrangements by letterbox flyer nearer the date.