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More than just (Mexican) scarves & pashminas

Chilpa was born in 2013 in Nunhead, London with Mexican roots. We believe in quality design made by people who get a fair price for their work. By buying our products you are helping to provide sustainable employment for the artisans we work with – and a future for this craft.

We currently work closely with 3 communities of artisans.

Chilpa’s rebozos are 100% cotton or 100% silk, handwoven with skill and love in Tenancingo, a town 90km outside of Mexico City and one of the last places where rebozos are still made by hand.

Every rebozo we sell is made in the traditional method on a foot treadle loom, using organic dyes and cotton of the best quality, often in small home-based workshops. Although time consuming, this method is eco-friendly and has a minimal environmental impact.

We work with 4 local artisans, Socorro, Luis, Adolfo and Maria Luz, who in turn work with up to 10 people to produce each rebozo.
Our home-wares are hand embroidered by a cooperative of women in Tenango de Doria, a 5 hour drive from Mexico City. Each one comes embroidered with the artisan’s initials.

Finally, the paper bunting is produced in a small town in Puebla, where the artisans carve stacks of paper by hand using chisels and hammer only.