Igloo Flowers and the Floral Fashion Finale

Igloo Flowers and the Floral Fashion Finale

You may have heard by now that Bermondsey Street Festival is 10 years old. What you might not know is that Igloo Flowers has been actively participating in the festival for each of those 10 years. And we don’t mean just selling a gorgeous selection of striking bouquets from a street-side stall. We’re referring to one of the best-kept secrets of the Bermondsey Street Festival.

Bermondsey Street Festival Fashion Show

Each year the festival hosts a sumptuous fashion show featuring locally scouted models. They sashay down the red-carpeted catwalk wearing the best in couture with professional hair and make-up to boot. But right at the end something magical happens. It’s what the organisers have fondly come to call the “floral finale”.

Don’t be mistaken. This isn’t a case of giving the models a sumptuous bouquet at the end of the show as you’d get in any ordinary fashion show. This is where Igloo Flowers helps to dress the models top to toe in flowers in accordance to a specific theme.

Over the past ten years the floral finale has featured an array of flower-woven outfits, hugging the curves of the models as they flounce to the flash of photographs and the whoops of the crowd.

Past creations have ranged from Hawaiian grass skirts and luau inspired garlands to tennis themed clothing with grassy brassieres.

Arguably the most memorable year, judging by the roar of the audience, was 2010’s Adam and Eve ensemble. Though equally unforgettable was the year a wedding dress, adorned with calla lilies and flowing train of ivy, glided down the red carpet to gasps and sighs.

What will the finale be this year? It’s a closely guarded secret, you’ll have to come and see for yourself. But as it’s the 10th year of the festival, you can bet Igloo Flowers is aiming big!

The event will take place in the rose garden in Leathermarket Gardens at 1pm on Saturday 17th September 2016. As well as the main event, there will also be a fashion bazaar featuring stalls brimming with colourful couture and a VIP area for some celeb-spotting.

If you need helping hand guessing what the models might be wearing this year, head to www.iglooflowers.com to view the floral designs and let your imagination run free.