Festival Road Closures

Information for Local Residents and business.

Road Closures

Bermondsey Street from Abbey Street to Crucifix Lane will be closed to ALL traffic from 06.00 on the 14th September 2019.  This includes all service, delivery and refuse collection vehicles.

There will be limited two way working on Leathermarket Street to facilitate resident and business access which will be managed by the Festival Security Team.

There will be limited two way working in Tanner Street to facilitate access to

Bermondsey Street from Abbey Street to Lamb Walk will be reopened as soon as possible to allow normal access to Leathermarket Street.

will be reopened once access is available to Tanner Street. All closures will be lifted by 23.00

There will be no access to Archie Street while Bermondsey Street is closed.

Service access for deliveries to Bermondsey Street will be available until 08.00 via Lamb Walk and Whites Grounds, stage construction from 06.00 prohibits access from Leathermarket Street.

There are limited exceptions for vehicles that park on premises on Bermondsey Street that arrive before 08.00 and depart after 19.00, please contact us to arrange access. Vehicle egress is dependant on the safety and security of Festival visitors, and no egress post event will be allowed until both the Police and Festival Security confirm it is safe to do so.

Leathermarket Street, and Lamb Walk will be accessible to residents and businesses throughout Festival, any one way working restrictions will be exempted for Festival. Please have proof of address available when entering the road closure area. There will be limited closures on these streets near the junction with Bermondsey Street. Normal parking restrictions will apply, please remember that Festival vehicles may be occupying your favourite parking bay.

Tanner Street east of Bermondsey Street will be egress only until Bermondsey Street is reopened.

There will be no access/egress to/from Tyers Gate from 06.00 until it is considered safe to allow this, no later than 23.00.

Residents who normally park in areas which will be inaccessible to vehicles during Festival should contact us with their address and Vehicle Registration to arrange a virtual permit to park within Parking Zone F.

There will be significant congestion on all the above roads from 18.00 to 21.00 as Festival closes.

Resident Parking on Closed Roads

All Parking Bays on Bermondsey Street, Tyers Gate and immediate junctions will be suspended from 00.01 on the 13th September 2019.

There will be selective suspensions on Whites Grounds, Morocco street, Tanner Street, Lamb Walk and Leathermarket Street.

All suspensions, other than a few on Tanner Street will cease at 23.59 on the 15th September 2018. All suspensions will be lifted on Tanner Street by 10.00 on Sunday 16th September.

From 06.00 on the 14th September Southwark Council will be removing any vehicles parked in contravention and the appropriate fee will need to be paid to recover any such vehicle.

Royal Oak Yard, Bells Mews and Newham’s Row will have no vehicle access from 06.00 until no later than 23.00 on the 17th September, please contact us if you require any assistance in parking your vehicle during Festival.